World Championships 2019 – Weekend Schedule

Pure Elite World Championships 2019

Weekend Schedule


The Winter Gardens

Fort Cresent




Friday 8th November 2019

  • Group Posing sessions
  • Registration – Mandatory
  • Red Carpet Interviews
  • Tanning
  • Athletes Meeting (18:00-19:00) – Mandatory


Group Posing Sessions – We will be holding  group Posing session at a nearby venue the morning of the show for anyone who wants to get in any last minute practice with one of our posing coaches.  More information on how to book will be provided soon.

Registration  – Registration is mandatory, this is  where you reconfirm your categories and collect your badge. You will register before having your red carpet interview, therefore your registration time is the time you are given for your Red Carpet interview. (registration takes 3 minutes).

Red Carpet Interviews – Only athletes who are booked with the Elite Angels will receive the red carpet experience and the opportunity to be interviewed,  appearing on Pure Elite’s Social Media sites, which may also be used for future  marketing campaigns. Athletes are to turn up to their red carpets interviews smartly dressed and well presented. The Elite Angels will email you your interview time and tanning time. For More information watch the youtube video linked above.

Tanning – After you have had your interview you will then remove any makeup, wait till your face is fully dried then you will go on to receive your tan from the Elite Angels. Please Note: you must not have any creams, lotions, oils, deodorants or perfumes on your skin, please ensure that your skin is clean and free from any product before having your tan. Please remember to bring loose bagging clothing with you for after your tan.


Athletes meeting  – The Athletes meeting will be at 18:00, it is mandatory that everyone competing attend the athletes meeting. EVEN IF YOU HAVE COMPETED WITH US BEFORE. This is to ensure you have the most up to date information for show day.

UPDATED 7th Ocotober

If your tan is at

Then your interview is at

13:00 12:00
13:30 12:30
14:00 13:00
14:30 13:30
15:00 14:00
15:30 14:30 
16:00 15:00
16:30 15:00
17:00 16:00
17:30 16:30
19:00 16:30
19:30 16:30
20:00 19:00
20:30 19:30

Saturday 9th November 2019

Show day  

Tanning – You will be given your tanning time for your (show day)  second coat of tan at your Friday appointment, please arrive at the time the angels tell you to arrive.

To Book  your Tan click Here

Hair and Makeup – Please arrive to your makeup appointments 10 minutes early, these are given out two weeks before the show.

To Book Hair and Makeup Click Here 

All Athletes must be at the venue by 10:30 am at the latest.

Doors will open to spectators at 11:00am

All athletes need to be ready for the Athletes Parade by 11:45am

The Show will start at 12:00 noon

You are not permitted to tan your self or bring a tanner with you to the venue you are not permitted to bring a makeup artist with you to the venue. ONLY the Elite Angels have permission and access to the Pure Elite Back Stage Area.

Tickets – Tickets can be purchased directly from the Venue and are now on sale. Click here to Purchase Tickets 

Backstage Passes – ONLY Athletes, the Pure Elite Team and those who have purchased backstage passes will have access to the backstage Area. If  a coach or family member wishes to purchase a backstage pass then they will also need a spectator ticket.

Click here to purchase a backstage pass 

Pure Elite Stand – You will be able to purchase Pure Elite Clothing and the Pure Elite Magazine from our stand in the main hall.

Sponsors stands  – We will also have a number of our  sponsors at the show in the Main hall on the Day, such as La Diva Design and Body By Design selling lots of protein goodies.

Sunday 10th November 2019

Let your hair down and Party with us

On the Sunday we are going to start off with a breakfast of champions followed by a work out, more food, then on to the HIGHLY anticipated Annual Awards and Pure Elite Ball.

09:30 – Breakfast meet-up – Royal Victoria Pavilion (Wetherspoons) Harbour Parade, Ramsgate CT11 8LS

12:30 – Gym Meet up – Waugh Gym, Unit 2 Whitehall Rd, Ramsgate CT12 6BU – likely to be filmed

15:00 – Nandos  – WestWood Cross shopping centre

15:00Make up slots at the Winter Gardens with the Elite Angels

18:00 – Welcome Drinks – To kick off the Annual Awards back at the Winter Gardens

19:00 – Annual Awards – Celebrating Pure Elite Athletes

20:00  – Pure Elite End of year Ball – What happens at the ball ..stays at the ball! Age Restrictions from 20:00 (18 and over)

To purchase tickets click here

If you have any further questions or require further clarification please email us at

Tickets & back stage passes

There is nothing better than having your friends and family come and cheer you on while you are on stage.

Tickets for the show are now on sale and can be purchased directly from the venue. Be sure to buy them in advance to make sure you get seats closer to the stage. Purchase Tickets.

Back stage passes can be purchased directly from Pure Elite – Back Stage passes 

Transformation, Routines and Age categories

If you are competing in an age category be sure to bring your ID with you to registration.

If you are competing in the Transformation category your “before you got fit” photo needs to be sent to within 2 weeks of you signing up to compete.

If you are taking part in a category that requires you to perform a 60-second routine to music you need to send your music in an MP3 format to and bring a copy with you on a USB stick in an MP3 format.

Show day run down

The show will start at 12:00 with an athletes parade, this means all the athletes walk on stage to greet the audience and have a group photo.

The running order for the show will be given to everyone at the athletes meeting

We are unable to give you exact times of when categories will be on stage but will be able to give you a rough indication through out the day.

For a full show day run down before the show, be sure to check out our Facebook Lives with Director Janine Marie. To make sure you don’t miss them go and like the Pure Elite Facebook page to ensue you receive our live notifications.

Things to know

  • No one can go back stage unless they are a member of team Pure Elite, a registered athlete or a Back Stage Pass holder
  • If you miss registration you will not be able to compete and you will not be refunded
  • After the 7 day refund period, you cannot receive a refund or transfer to another show
  • You can enter as many categories as you want
  • You can compete in other shows and federations
  • You can leave the backstage area anytime you like to see friends and family, please make sure you are fully clothed.
  • Dream Tan is banned by the venue and if you use it you will be asked to leave
  • Categories are only split if the number of athletes is deemed to warrant a split
  • Pro categories can be merged if there is less than 10 people per category
  • Judges cannot judge a category where they have a client that has paid them in anyway. That could be for advice, coaching plans or personal training. The judge must sit out that category

Other Useful Information 

Helpful videos

Link to all helpful videos coming soon

Banners and Squares

If you would like your own Banner and Square to promote to your Friends, Family & Fans that you are competing, then email a high resolution photo of your self. Banners and Squares are £15 and upon receiving photos a a payment link will be emailed to you.

Posing & Posing Camps

Posing and stage presence accounts for 50% of your mark at a Fitness Model show. You should be practicing your posing as often as you train. It helps to get a Stage Coach to make sure you are hitting your poses and show casing the most confident you.


Matt Marsh is the official stage photographer for Pure Elite. You can book your stage photos in advance by clicking on the below link

Matt Marsh Photos 

You can also book your photos on show day at registration.

Prep coach

We suggest getting your self a prep coach when competing. A good coach will be able to help you with your nutrition and training. They will be able to keep you motivated and accountable to your goals. Check out our list of Recommended prep coaches.

Stage Wear

Gentlemen you need to wear posing shorts/swimming shorts, check out your category information for a photo of what is desired. You can purchase your shorts from Pure Elite, Pure Elite Shorts.

Ladies you need to wear a two piece bikini, check our your Category and criteria information for photos of what is required or speak to one of our bikini sponsors. Ladies in the Figure Category need to wear a figure suit.


This is a great way to get more information about the show, especially if you are a first time competitor or it’s your first time competing with Pure Elite. In the lead up to the show, we hold live Q&A’s with Director Janine Marie. This is a chance to gain any further clarification on any questions you may have. Please go and like the Pure Elite Facebook page to ensure you are notified of when we go live.

So you have decided to compete

Please read this article for ten top tips on how to get ready for show day.

Pure Elite Social Media

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Pure Elite Family – Facebook group

PureEliteComp – Official Instagram Page

PureEliteSelfie – Selfie page where we share photos of our athletes

Pure Elite TV – Youtube


If you have any other questions please email