We have two women physique classes

  • Womens Physique – Open to any age
  • Womens Physique Over 40 – Must be 40years of age and over

Athletes in the women’s physique category must showcase an athletic, toned physique. Possessing good muscular development whist still having a strong feminine, healthy look. This category is not a female bodybuilding category . Each athlete must perform all of the mandatory poses.

Mandatory poses starting with front pose and then a quarter turn to athletes right.

Open handed front single bicep pose – Athletes arm of choice
Side Chest pose
Back pose – open handed
Tricep pose with nearest leg stretched out in front of the athlete
If comparisons are need then athletes will be moved around.

Criteria for judging

  • Matching criteria
  • Balance and symmetry
  • Shape and proportion
  • Overall stage presentation
  • Quarter turns

Must wear a cross back bikini

Athletes to be barefooted