Lucy – Team Superfox

Lucy has been a prep coach since 2012 after rescuing a young girl who was starving herself to death! Lucy has been coaching girls under the name of Team Superfox.
Lucy has competed herself in UKBFF, Miami Pro and WBFF and as a member of the Pure Elite Event Team has not yet competed with Pure Elite – never say never … Lucy preps clients for Pure Elite, Miami Pro, WBFF and UKBFF.
Lucy’s works with clients both face to face and using online platforms for convenience.Lucy works with clients during an off season to lay the foundations and competition preps will last anywhere between 12-20 weeks depending on the condition of the athlete. Lucy strongly recommends working with a coach AFTER the show as more important than before – focusing on a steady and sustainable reverse diet.Lucy takes a big focus around mindset, emotional wellbeing and personal development for all of her clients, as this is crucial to progress, success and resilience.Lucy specialises in issues with Gut Health, Skin and Hormonal Imbalance .

Some of Lucy’s clients and Pro Card Winners include:

Andrea Lovasi – Pure Elite Pro, MP Pro
Laura Stevens – Pure Elite Pro
Molly Strawn – Pure Elite Pro
Sylwia Pokrzywka – Pure Elite Pro, MP Pro
Fatima Reder – Pure Elite Pro
Felicity Smithers – Pure Elite Pro
Nina Fancourt – Pure Elite Pro
Pierrette Ebami – Pure Elite Pro
Nicole Sturgess – Pure Elite Pro
Lorraine Le Fevre – Pure Elite Pro

Michelle Mensah – Pure Elite Pro

Holly Fanthom – Pure Elite Pro

Suzanne Shorrock – Pure Elite Pro

Sally Dowsett – Pure Elite Pro





Phone: 07818096198

Facebook: Lucy Superfox

Instagram: @lucysuperfox @teamsuperfox