Why you shouldn’t have a bodybuilding tan for a fitness model show

14th February 2018
2019 Update
16th September 2018

Why you shouldn’t have a bodybuilding tan for a fitness model show

Some times I think people forget that the tan is a part of the judging criteria at Pure Elite. At a fitness model show your stage picture should be able to be used on the front cover of a fitness model magazine not a bodybuilding magazine.

The questions I get asked…

Can I do my own tan? Yes.

Can I get a normal spray tan? Yes

Can I use a Tanner I have used at past shows? Yes

Can I step on stage without a tan? Yes

When it comes to your tan you can basically do what you want. The one thing that is banned is dream tan. This tan is very messy and is banned by all the venues that we use.

But my question is why? Why would you do those things? When I say that the criteria for the guys is to wear swim wear trunks, I am not expecting someone to come out on stage wearing jeans. The same with your tan. I am not expecting people to come out on stage looking like casper or the incorrect type of tan. But unfortunately it does happen.

If you are doing any of the above you will be at a slight disadvantage when it comes to your tan. Plus at Pure Elite I brief the Elite Angels on the different colours I want for the different categories, a Muscle Model doesn’t want the same tan as a bikini babe. Again this is all apart of the judging criteria.

If I asked you to name the two biggest fitness model federations in the UK and Europe who would you think of?…. I will help you out. It is Pure Elite and the WBFF. Who is the tanner at these two ‘Fitness Model’ shows? It is the same person, Lisa Hayes.

For me I want people on stage that match the criteria, I want to receive the pictures from Matt Marsh after the show and be able to use them to market and promote the show. With all the new shows that have popped up over the last few years, we need to be clear that there is a massive difference between a physique based show and a fitness model show.

So when you book your tan, remember to think of these points. Also don’t be like the guy who turned up with no tan and hadn’t shaved…. Don’t be that guy!

Stewart Armstrong

P.S. When I say shave, I meant under his arms, his legs, arms, chest… Guy’s if you didn’t know, that has all go to go. As I say, from the neck down 😉

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