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After the constant requests for Pure Elite to hold a physique based show. We have listen and are happy to announce we are doing just that.

– Remember a fitness model show and a physique based show are not the same. The judging criteria is different and the posing a lot different. After the success of Pure Elite becoming the fastest growing fitness model federation in the world it is now time for Pure Elite Physiques –

20th August
Dorchester Corn Exchange
High East Street

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Pure Elite Physique Categories are…


Womens Physique
Womens physique over 40
Figure toned
Figure trained
Bikini toned
Bikini trained
Bikini over 35
Bikini over 45
Athletic routine


Open Bodybuilding short
Open Bodybuilding tall
Masters Bodybuilding Over 45
Grand Masters Bodybuilding over 55
Classic bodybuilding short
Classic Bodybuilding tall
Mens Physique open
Mens Physique over 35

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Note: that this is a physique based show, which means unlike our Pure Elite fitness model show, the bikini categories have mandatory poses. If you want to enter one of our fitness model shows the please select click HERE