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Pure Elite Posing Lessons

Whether it’s your first time entering a competition, or you’re looking for ways to improve your stage presence, our posing lessons are a great way to learn and master the posing you need on stage at Pure Elite. Every federation is different and with some vastly different posing requirements, it is not one size fits all. Our posing lessons have been designed with Stewart Armstrong the head judge to match the criteria and what he wants to see on stage.

At any Fitness Model Federation your posing is a huge part of the and one of the areas most competitors take for granted. It is recommened that you attend at least 4 lessons. Think of it this way, how may times does a profesional dancer practice? How many times does a professional footballer practice? Do not neglect and important area that you will be judged on.

As the old saying goes. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

We have a maximuim of 8 to a class and we do not mix sexes.

£60 one class

£200 four classes *minimum recommendation

£375 Eight classes

All places are non refundable

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Dates and locations

22nd Feb – Nottingham

29th Feb – Manchester and London

7th Mar – Nottingham and London

8th Mar – Manchester

14th Mar – Posing Camp (see below)

15th Mar – Manchester

21st Mar – London

22 Mar – Nottingham and Manchester

28th Mar – Manchester

4th April – Nottingham and London

11th April – Manchester and London

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Janine Armstrong

Lucy Walton

Joshua-Blue Majuary

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