Posing Workshop

Refresher Class – Day Before The Worlds

Friday 8th November

Waugh Machines Gym

Unit 2 Whitehall Rd,


CT12 6BU

(entrance round the side of the garage)

Classes are  45 minutes long, spaces are limited

Class 1 – 10:00 10:45 – Male Muscle Model, Beach Body & Fitness Model posing

Class 2 – 11:00-11:45 – Female Fitness, Bikini or Mums Posing

Class 3 – 12:00 -12:45 – Female Fitness. Bikini or Mums Posing

Class 4 – 13:00 -13:45 – International Model Posing (Male and Female)

Class 5 –14:00 -14:45 – Figure & Men’s Physique Posing – NO LONGER AVAILABLE 

Whether it’s your first time entering a competition, or you’re looking for ways to improve your stage presence, a posing workshop is a great opportunity to build confidence, practice your posing and find out what is expected of you on the day. You do not need to be competing with Pure Elite, anyone can attend.

At any Fitness Model Federation your posing is a huge part of the criteria ranging from 40%-45%. It is strongly recommended that you attend as many workshops as you can.

£40 one class

All places are non refundable and non transferable

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At each workshop we go over:

  • What is Free posing
  • Stage presence
  • What is a T walk
  • Learn the points on a T walk
  • What is an I walk
  • Learn points on an I walk
  • Quarter turns
  • Transitions
  •  How best to show off your physique
  • Advice from Pure Elite Pro’s

It is highly recommended that you attend more than one workshop. At the end of each workshop you will be given areas that you need to improve and work on. You need to put in the same amount of effort into your posing as you do your physique

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Note: Places are limited. Fee is non refundable