Chris and Fiona Robinson are a Married Couple with a huge love for all things Fitness and between them have over 20 years of experience within the Fitness Industry as Instructors, Personal Trainers and Prep Coaches.

They are a down to earth couple that enjoy, Travel, Movie Nights and spending time with their dog Yogi.

In 2014 both Chris and Fiona decided to pursue competitive careers, initially to inspire their clients to follow their own dreams and make them realise that anything is possible if you are committed to those dreams.

Chris is a Miami Pro, Pure Elite Pro and Top 10 WBFF Competitor and Fiona is herself a Miami Pro Elite Pro, Pure Elite Pro and a WBFF Runner Up.

Chris and Fiona work under the name Prepped by the Robinsons and offer high quality and dedicated Competition Prep Coaching for any aspiring Athlete, so when you become part of #TeamRobinson you will have them by your side for the entire duration of your Prep, from Day One, Peak Week, through to Show Day (If possible, we’ll get to your show) and into Post Competition.

They have coached Athletes at Pure Elite, Miami Pro, UKUP, FMC, UKBFF, Galaxy Girls, BodyPower and WBFF, many to their Pro Statuses at Pure Elite, Miami Pro and WBFF

Our Pro’s Include:

Anca Ward Pure Elite Pro

Matt Morrison Pure Elite Pro

Adele Chelsie Pure Elite & WBFF Pro

James Milton Pure Elite Pro

Katina James MP Pro

Vince Gray Pure Elite Pro

Alex Gede Pure Elite Pro

Chris also worked alongside Pure Elite for 12 Months as their Official Videographer, filming the Shows and Athletes around the UK and Europe, so he has knowledge of what the judges look for with the criteria and which category you will best fit into.




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