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15th January 2016
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New Year, New You

New Year, New You right? You’re going to change everything about yourself you don’t like and become this wholly new person!

The goals you set might be about physical appearance through losing weight or building muscle, they might be about the way you prioritise your life, your career or your family or even about your health.

Most ‘resolutions’ no matter what the type are set January 1st and abandoned by March but why?

Here’s my insight ….

Firstly, the goal, the change or the choice is unrealistic or too big.

Unrealistic doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it means it’s not likely based on you, your life and your current situation. Most dramatic changes require a dramatic shift in not only one element of your lifestyle but how this one change affects the rest of your life.

Let’s take a ‘fat loss’ diet as an example:

In a bid to lose the two stone you’ve piled on over the last year (since last January’s diet!) you reduce your calories, plan healthy meals for yourself and decide you are going to hit the gym 4 days week.

GREAT! Good for you! But how does that impact everything else?

  1.      Time – have you considered the amount of time spent preparing your meals? How much time it takes not only to hit the gym but the travel each way? Have you built this into your work / home schedule?
  2.      Finances – How much is the gym membership? Do you have to pay for parking? Have you considered how much extra the food shop might be?
  3.      Social – Have you considered the impact on Saturday night takeaways with the other half? Or the biscuits on the tea run? Or the two bottles of wine with Sunday lunch? Thinking and preparing for how your goal affects others is important to your success and staying the course.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not trying just to highlight the negatives of a positive goal! I am trying to add a hint of realism to what are lofty expectations of oneself. Changes need to be small, steps to a newer you rather than an overhaul overnight.

Only when you think about the big picture can you be successful in your goal.

The second reason goals often fail is the motivations or the reasons for change.

The motivation needs to be intrinsic. This means it comes from the heart, from the inside, from you.

Taking our example of ‘fat loss’, a lot of people might decide to ‘diet’ because their partner made a comment about them looking fat, or because they have a wedding coming up with all their old friends, or because everyone else is doing it!

However, the road to success is never an easy one. Even when we break the goal into small measureable chunks there will always be bumps. E.G the food at the wedding, the buffet at the birthday party, the weekly visit to the bakery!

Without wanting this badly for yourself, your ability to stay the course will always be limited as you will always be swayed by others or the situation.

So this year when making and committing to your resolutions look at this way instead:

  1.      WHY

Number one is focusing on WHY you want to change.

By being clear with the motivations you will always have a reason to carry on and make the commitment, when you’re busy, when money is tight or when it conflicts with someone else’s schedule!


I want to lose two stone so I feel confident in my clothes again and I can wear a bikini on the beach this summer without hiding under a towel – meaning I will enjoy my holiday more.

  1.      HOW

Break the goal down into smaller chunks! By creating milestones or steps you help yourself achieve them because you make the path realistic!

–        Break it down by actions

–        Break it down by time period (e.g weekly)

–        Break it down by results / milestones


My goal is to begin preparing my lunch everyday to take to work .

My goal is to exercise 4 times a week for at least 45 minutes.

My goal is to lose 4lbs by the end of January.

  1.      WHAT

Only once you are clear on why you want to change and how you are going to change can you focus on the details and the steps to achieving your goal.


Body Pump – Monday & Thursday

Run – Tuesday & Saturday


This is your new year and your resolutions but make sure they are for you and that you set yourself up for success by thinking about the bigger picture. Good Luck and Happy New Year.

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