Why you should never cover your tattoo’s

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17th August 2016
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22nd September 2016

Why you should never cover your tattoo’s

‘’Your body is your temple and if you wish to decorate it, you may’’

I personally do not have tattoo’s, but if I was to get them it would be because I am an art lover and it would be my way of expressing my commitment to art…

There’s many different reasons for why people get tattoos. It may be that they get them as a tribute to a loved one, to represent memories or something personal to them, or there may not be any reason at all.
Either way it’s not the reason that matters, having tattoos is a way of expressing who you are on the inside… on the outside.

Your body is your temple and if you wish to decorate it you may, you are not any less of a person if you do.
We should all have self-love and celebrate ourselves as individuals, it’s important that we’re all comfortable in our own skin (tattooed or not). So if you don’t want to cover them, then don’t.
They are a work of art, so celebrate them and carry on rocking your tattoos!

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Written by Abbey

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  1. Malise Green says:

    I am competing in my first bikini competition this September and i was going to cover my tattoos as i know a few people competing who don’t have tattoos however this has made me feel so much better about not having them covered!

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