The difference between a fitness model show and a bodybuilding show?

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27th June 2016
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The difference between a fitness model show and a bodybuilding show?

For the last few years I have been shocked and taken aback with the number of people that do not know the difference between a fitness model show and a bodybuilding show. My frustration peaked a few weeks ago speaking with a few people that have been in the industry for awhile and did not know the difference. These are the kind of people a competitor would go to for advice or those that are very vocal on social media. Here they were not knowing the basic differences between the shows.

To me you have three different types of shows in the UK

-Bodybuilding – we are talking IFBB, UKBFF, NABBA, PCA. All judged on physique.
-Fitness Model – Pure Elite, WBFF, Miami Pro. Judged on a mixture of things from physique,  stage presence, marketable look. The clue is in the title ‘Fitness’ and ‘Model’
-Unsure – The third kind of show which doesn’t really know what it is. Sort of jack of all master of none.

In all of these shows judging is subjective but is very, very different. I would say that stage presence and confidence is very important in all of them as it is human nature to be drawn to confident people. But within a Fitness Model show it is part of the criteria. If you have the best physique on stage but can not pose, no stage presence with no confidence . It is highly unlikely you are going to win (Depending on who is in your class and how they match the criteria, as in theory you could be poor at posing but everyone else could be worse!).

Understand the criteria for the type of show you are entering. Speak to people that have competed before and get their opinion.

Always remember that bodybuilding or physique based shows are not the same as fitness model shows.

Do your research….. if you enter a fitness model show, practice posing!

Stewart Armstrong

CEO and Head Judge of Pure Elite

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