The model category is open to male and female competitors. Both sexes do two rounds.

First round is underwear model for the men and lingerie model  for the females. Props can be used and you can get imagative with your designs, think cat walk model or victoria’s secrets. No thongs, no see-through underwear.

Second round is the evening wear round. Guy’s to wear a suit or a smart casual evening look, No jeans, trainers or baseball caps. Girls to wear an evening gown or cocktail dress. No trousers.

Athletes are to perform an I-Walk on stage (catwalk)

You will be marked on:

  • Stage presence and confidence
  • I- Walk
  • Poses
  • Outfit
  • Commercial model look
  • Quarter turns
  • Tan
  • Hair and makeup
  • Overall look
  • Marketable look