How to get your pictured shared by us

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How to get your pictured shared by us

For those of you that have ever wondered how to get your pictures shared on our social media accounts this is for you.

The first thing to remember is that you have two kinds of social media accounts. Personal and Business. A Personal account is very easy to share content, you take out your phone, take a picture and then upload with or without text. Thats it, simple.

A business shares pictures of their products and services. These will be from a product photoshoot or if the product is close to hand, take out your phone and take a picture and upload.

For Pure Elite we share pictures of our competitors, so I either have the Pure Elite stage pictures, which I would guess I have well over 200,000 of plus all the Pure Elite photoshoots. Again I have 1000s of these. All of which are saved on external hard drives.

When it comes to sharing pictures that I don’t have there are two steps. I either copy the picture and repost (which sometimes can be a problem as I have to remember if someone has a private page so possibly does not want their picture shared) or the picture has been sent to me.

I have now come to a bit of an issue, I need to remember 1000s of instagram accounts. What makes it harder is a high percentage of all of you dont use your name as your instagram name. So finding someone can easily take 15 minutes. 4 pictures uploaded a day that is an hour wasted trying to search for someones @ on instagram.

I have started experimenting with not including peoples @. To be honest I dont like doing this, but I am always someone that likes to test things out.

The easiest way is if you email your pictures to and include your instagram @ You can send as many pictures as you like and send as many emails as you like and as often as you like.

We have @pureeliteselfies for all your selfie pictures, non professional pictures

and @pureelitecomp which features all the stage pictures, photoshoot pictures, professional looking pictures, Pure Elite social media come watch me compete pictures, really good selfies, video clips, promos etc

I tend to share more Pro’s on the @pureelitecomp Instagram. But that isn’t to say that I dont share first timers and amateurs on that page. It is just heavily weighted towards Pro’s – about 90%. The quality of the picture.

So if you want to increase your chances of Pure Elite sharing any of your pictures. Start sending as many as you want now to and including your instagram @ plus anything else you might think would be helpful

One thing to remember if you have just posted the picture you send to me, it is unlikely I will share that straight away. A picture that currently hasn’t been shared is always going to be picked over one that has.



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