At Pure Elite Physique we have two different categories

  • Toned
  • Trained

Athletes in the Figure Toned category must have a toned physique which will have less muscularity and vascularity than the Figure Trained category.

Athletes in the Figure Trained category must demonstrate a more muscular and vascular physique than the figure toned category. Whilst still keep the a female figure and shape.

Each athlete must perform all of the mandatory poses.

Mandatory poses are

  • Front double bicep
  • Front lateral spread
  • Side chest (Athletes choice of side)
  • Side tricep (Athletes choice of side)
  • Rear double bicep
  • Rear lateral spread
  • Abdominal and thigh

Criteria for judging

  • Matching criteria
  • Balance and symmetry
  • Overall stage presentation
  • Quarter turns

Each athlete must wear heels for the quarter turns and comparisons.

Each athlete must perform a routine to music which is no longer than 90 seconds

Must wear a figure cross back bikini