For East Sussex we recommend Livia Francis

Expertise & experience:
Livia has been a personal trainer for 28 years & contest prep coach for five years.

Livia coaches for Figure/bikini/fitness model/muscle model/physique for Pure Elite, Miami Pro, UFE, Miss Galaxy Universe, UKBFF, BNBF, NPA, WBFF.

As a natural competitive athlete herself she had competed in Body fitness with UKBFF ( in the days when the ladies were slighter than they are now) Figure with the BNBF, UKBFF Bikini, Miami Pro Bikini & Fitness model & mums , Pure Elite Bikini & fitness model & mums , UFE bikini and fitness model, Miss galaxy Universe Bikini Diva. Livia has achieved ’elite athlete status with UFE & Pro Status with Pure Elite and Miami Pro. Livia has won 1st place trophies plus 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Livia takes her clients, men & women, through the whole contest prep process over a number of months & offers detailed training & food plans – all success stories & their placings are on Livias website (ranging form 1st – 5th placings) Here is a few examples: two clients achieving ‘elite status’ with UFE, one winning 1st place figure at the British BNBF finals and then went on to become the DAFC natural world figure champion in 2014, another lady placed 2nd in the British BNBF championships in 2015 and one client achieving her Pro card with Miami pro. Prices & further information is available on Livia’s website

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