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11th January 2023

2023 Changes to the Overall

For 2023 we are increasing the number of overall’s we have per show. Instead of just having 1 Female Pro Overall Winner and 1 Male Pro […]
2nd August 2020

Are We All Junkies?

Choose a life. Choose a bodybuilding show. Choose chicken, rice, and broccoli.  Choose a coach. Choose a category.  Choose a calorie deficit. Choose fasted cardio, LISS […]
23rd June 2020

Who came first the fitness model or the narcissist?

As competitors in this ever growing and evolving industry of fitness and fashion modelling there seems to be a very fine line, (finer than one of […]
27th November 2019

The Female Athlete Triad

What would you say if I told you that you had a >1 out of 3 chance of developing a medical condition that you currently knew […]