A stage bikini is a very important part of your overall presentation. In any ‘model’ category where you are marked on your performance, presence and overall marketable look the right bikini can not be underestimated.

Recommend Designer

Our Bikini Sponsor is Passion Bikini by JK

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Welcome Passion Bikinis by JK. What once started as a hobby to create stage designs for her PT clients and her daughter, turned into a brand led by passion and inspiration.

Founder Jane Kalgan creates stage wear for any shape and size, by finding strong aspects of an athlete, both physique and personality, and highlight them to a whole other level.

She loves working with people who are passionate about wanting to bring out the best of themselves on stage, and are opened to creativity and innovative ideas.

Passion bikini by JK aspires to make the wearer feel like it’s their wedding day, by bringing happiness & positivity and create a confident and divine feel.

So if you are looking for a design that is totally unique, or are after a more conservative style, get in touch with Jane. Passion Bikini by JK delivers stage wear for all personalities, styles and budgets globally!

Jane is excited to work with Pure Elite by helping to light up the stage. Passion Bikini- bring your Personal Best!

Click to view Passion Bikini by JK on Instagram