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A stage bikini is a very important part of your stage performance. In any ‘model’ category where you are marked on your performance, presence and overall marketable look the right bikini can not be underestimated.

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La Diva Design™ is the original elite fitness brand, brought to you by 7 times fitness champion and pro athlete Veronique Rees.

This is where trophies are won,

La Diva Design™ is the original and best. It remains the number one stage wear brand because it is our philosophy to make each and every competitor feel special. Since its conception, La Diva Design™ has been awarded best bikini on stage and competitors have earned in excess of 1000 trophies with all federations worldwide!

Compete wearing an elite brand because you deserve it!

La Diva Design

Pre Loved Bikinis

Pre loved bikinis, a place to sell or buy a loved bikini that needs to see the stage again. After the glitz and lights of show day some bikini’s are left hanging in a wardrobe or in a box. We find this very sad. Show bikinis are made to be on stage.

See all the Pre Loved bikinis here and let them shine on stage once more and hear the cheer of the crowd. A retired bikini is a sad bikini.