Models should be lean with muscle tone and low body fat. You will have a healthy look and “softer” physique with natural curves. Muscularity and vascularity are not for  Bikini Babe class.

You will be marked on:

  • Overall stage presentation
  • Tone and balance of physique
  • Muscle Development for Bikini Babe
  • symmetry
  • Stage presence
  • stage confidence
  • Hair and make up
  • Quarter turns
  • Tan
  • Abdominals for a bikini babe
  • Marketable look
  • Bikini
  • Matching Bikini Babe Criteria

Please note:

  • Bikinis are to be two pieces
  • No one pieces or thongs or G strings allowed
  • No boots

There are no mandatory poses for this category

We want to see your personality and what suits your body. Choose a bikini that makes you stand out on stage whilst also matching your physique and personality.

Bikini Babe short is for anyone that is 5ft”4.9 and below and Bikini Babe tall is for anyone that is 5ft”5 and over (without heels on) and we do measure on the day.

It is recommended that you use our tanners and MUA’s