This category is aimed at men who prefer to develop a less muscular physique, you will look more athletic and fit. You will have a low body fat percentage with slight development of abs with a toned upper and lower body with minimal muscle definition. All contestants will be barefooted and wear shorts which must be above the knee (middle of the thigh) or Swimming trunks.

You will be marked on:

  • Stage presence
  • T-Walk
  • Overall look
  • Quarter turns
  • Overall healthy look
  • Tan
  • Overall stage presentation
  • Tone and balance of physique for beach body category
  • symmetry
  • Balance of physique
  • stage confidence
  • Abdominals for beach body
  • Marketable look
  • Body fat for Beach Body
  • Matching Beach Body criteria

Please note:

  • Male athletes are to be barefooted
  • Swim shorts / Posing shorts are a requirement for this category

There are no mandatory poses for this category, the judges are looking to see if you have a good walk and posture and a desirable natural look.