15th February 2017

The truth about the Physiology of stretching for Gainz!

Stretching improves flexibility, but does it prevent injury, increase strength, and muscle growth, and accelerate recovery? The main reason that we embark in stretching or holding […]
14th December 2016

News about 2017

2016 is nearly over, which means it is time to start talking about 2017  and our plans. The Fit Couples category will no longer be required […]
22nd September 2016

In house Film & Video Editor

Pure Elite are looking for an in-house videographer. The role will involve the creation of various types of films including online content, digital marketing, mini documentaries, […]
20th September 2016

Why you should never cover your tattoo’s

‘’Your body is your temple and if you wish to decorate it, you may’’ I personally do not have tattoo’s, but if I was to get […]