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27th February 2018
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31st December 2018

2019 Update

Some of you eager beaver’s want to book in for our 2019 show.

I would not normally release the 2019 dates until at least after our last show of 2018. One reason being that I like to tweak the criteria and look at the categories and see what I will have for 2019. Seeing as I have made the decisions already for next year and I received a few messages about shows being on the same day this year etc. Here is our first show of 2019 so you can plan accordingly.

Our First show next year is on 27th April 2019. You can all start planning now.

The show is a Pro/Am show.

First timers and amateurs compete against each other.

Pros compete against each other.


Bikini Babe has been changed to Bikini Model

I have added two wellness categories. Bikini Wellness and Fitness Wellness. So you have Bikini Model and Bikini Wellness with the difference being that the wellness category is looking for a physique that is not as lean as the bikini model category. Then with the Fitness Wellness more muscle mass just like the Fitness Model category but not as lean, expect bigger quads and glutes.

Bikini Wellness Criteria -Competitors will have a good healthy look carrying more body fat than the bikini model category and will not be as lean. Obvious signs of a physique that has been sculpted in the gym, but not as lean as the bikini model category.  Muscularity and vascularity is not for Bikini Model or Bikini Wellness classes. You will be marked on:  Physique matching bikini wellness criteria, physique balance, Symmetry, Overall presentation,  Stage presence, Hair and make up, Quarter Turns, Tan.  Bikinis are to be two pieces. No thongs or G strings allowed. No boots, must wear heels. There are no mandatory poses for this category . T walk with free posing followed by 1/4 turns.

Fitness Wellness Criteria –

The Fitness Wellness category is for fitness models that prefer a softer look. Competitors will not be as lean as fitness model’s but will have clear developed muscle mass especially the quads and glutes Marked on: Physique matching criteria, muscle mass, physique balance, symmetry, stage presence, confidence,  poses, Hair and makeup, Tan, Overall Look and Marketable look.  There are no mandatory poses for this category,  You will have a marketable look that would suit the front cover of any fitness magazine or fitness product. Bikinis are to be two pieces. No thongs or G strings allowed. No boots, must wear heels. There are no mandatory poses for this category. T walk with free posing followed by 1/4 turns.

After being asked for the last three years I have added men’s physique to the main Pure Elite shows.

Men’s Physique Criteria –

Competitors do an I walk followed by Mandatory poses and 1/4 turns. Marked on: Muscle symmetry, Balance, Proportions, muscularity, presentation, stage presence, overall look, tan, skin tone and condition. Must wear board shorts above the knee.

I have added Routine only. In fact this has been added to our next show on the 10th November, £30 to enter. Maximum of 10 competitors with the winner taking £100. This is not split by age, sex, pro or anything else you can think. Anyone can enter and the best routine wins.

I have removed Female Muscle Model. The numbers were getting lower and lower, with the standard slipping. I think the wellness categories will have a higher demand. It is a shame as I love the category, but the market i.e. you the customers decide what categories you want by entering.

Those of you eager you can register for our April show today.

First timers and Amateurs here

Pro’s here

The category and criteria page will not be fully up to date until after our last show of 2018. If I update it now it could confuse people that are competing. Any questions let me know


Stewart Armstrong

Pure Elite


  1. kk says:

    do you have a show in may around 25th\26 th, as booking a surprise for someone

  2. victoria says:

    Where can i buy spectator tickets please x

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m looking for tickets at wintergarden in Margate 27th April, when and where can I get tickets and do you know the cost please,

  4. Lauren Smith says:


    Have you released the show dates for November yet?


  5. Alicia Walters says:

    Do you have your date for 2020 yet ?

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