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18th March 2017

Tag for the right reasons

As I sit here typing this, the rational part of me is telling me to wait, calm down and reply with your business head on. For […]
15th February 2017

The truth about the Physiology of stretching for Gainz!

Stretching improves flexibility, but does it prevent injury, increase strength, and muscle growth, and accelerate recovery? The main reason that we embark in stretching or holding […]
20th September 2016

Why you should never cover your tattoo’s

‘’Your body is your temple and if you wish to decorate it, you may’’ I personally do not have tattoo’s, but if I was to get […]
2nd August 2016

Reverse Dieting

Post comp blues is a real thing. After months of focus and dedication you don’t ‘have’ to train or eat clean. What I’ve seen happen as […]
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